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About me

Psychotherapy is a second career for me and I feel very privileged to do this transformational work with my clients. I trained at The Centre for Psychotherapy for eight years and I am registered with the CRPO. My approach is relational and attachment focused, while empathy, compassion, creativity and humor play important roles, within it. I also bring valuable life experience and a long personal therapeutic history to my work, which has allowed me to possess a deep understanding of what it is like to sit in the client’s chair. I believe that this has supported growth and lasting internal change in my clients. I am committed to the work of Psychotherapy and it’s potential for experiencing ourselves in new ways.

As your therapist, it is my responsibility to be available to you, to support and challenge you as a catalyst for your development. I will provide the scaffold for you to feel that you are not defined by your emotional struggles, what you look like, your perceived weaknesses or your past. All of what you possess and have experienced are unique to you and are weaved together in creating your valuable story.

I help with




Addictive behaviors

Eating disorders

Relationship/Attachment patterns

Self-esteem/Confidence issues

Trauma related difficulties/Intimacy


Chronic pain




I focus on

Individuals 18 years and older



My therapy approaches:



Relational and Attachment focused



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